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Offerings with Sara Beaudry-Wiltse

to book : call or text 801-830-0188

Over 20 years of


available to assist in the care and benefit of your body, mind, soul, and sport.

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Individualized Treatment Session
60 minutes - $75
30 minutes - $50
Experience a healing session centered around integrative care, using a range of modalities that may include massage, biofield or energy medicine, cupping, kinesiotaping, breathwork, gua sha or instrument assisted massage, or others. Each modality will be discussed and consent given before use. It's time to give your body this gift of healing and support. 
Your first session will include a free evaluation. Please plan on an additional 15 minutes for your initial treatment session. 


Personalized Support Session
90 minutes - $111
60 minutes - $88
Experience a healing session focused on love and support. This session will offer a combinations of modalities that may include Reiki energy work, gem and crystal therapy, drumming, divination through cards, runes, or pendulums, as well as intuitive meditations, imagery, and guidance. 
Each session is intuitively and lovingly prepared specifically for you and your needs. 
Personalized Divination Session
60 minutes - $88
30 minutes - $50
15 minutes - $25
A brief and easy reading to take a quick look at what is happening in your life and what insight your guides can provide. Please choose one divination modality. 
Palmistry (palm reading)
Runes (Celtic divination)
Card Reading
**Can be offered through online platform.


Women's Cycle Classes and Discussions-
$30 and up -  Available for 1 to 100 participants.
Lets focus on the emotional, physical, mental, and energetic cycles of women and how those effect our lives! Historical, Traditional, and Personal menstrual rituals are discussed. This class is suitable for any woman regardless of age or bleeding. This class is also phenomenal for couples and men, as we address how relationships are effected by these cycles and how to best work with them, not against them. 
Conference and Retreat Presenting - $90/hr
As a life-long teacher and presenter, I have extensive experience and knowledge in many different topics involved in Sports Medicine, Health, Energy Medicine, Ritual, and more. I would love to add to your event.
Topics I have presented on in the past have included,but are not limited to: 
-The Effects of Stress and Stress Reduction Techniques
-Energetic Body: Modalities to Shift Energy and Protection for those sensitive to Energy
-Emotional vs Physical Pain: How to distinguish between the two.... and then what? 
-What is your Body telling you?: Listening through imagery, meditation, and symptoms vs meaning


Personalized Integrative Imagery Session
90 minutes - $111
60 minutes - $88
30 minutes - $55
Experience an imagery session focused on strong and effective participation in sport, which may include a positive return to sport following injury if applicable.
Each session is intuitively and comprehensively prepared specifically for you and your needs, which may offer a combinations of modalities including sport specific imagery, meditation, personal guided imagery, Reiki energy work, gem and crystal therapy, drumming, or others.
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