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What is the Principle of 11? 

The Principle of 11 was conceptualized, and is being lived, by Ty and Sara. The Principle of 11 is that when two individuals come together, they do not combine, but instead walk side by side. They are not each a half coming together to make a whole, they each remain fully secure and individual. They each make the conscious choice to walk together in strength and power. This makes their union greater than the sum of their parts, NOT by making half and half into one, or one and one into two… but one and one into 11.


Sara and Ty have chosen to live their lives and pattern their relationship after this Principle of 11. The number 11 has been a common occurrence in their lives and holds special meaning to each of them individually, and together as a couple. Their relationship started on the 11th of the month, and they chose to marry on the 11th of the month. They have actively made the intention and promise to live by this Principle of 11 throughout their lives and partnership, never losing the strength and power of themselves individually, but bringing that presence to support each other and walk side by side, being the ultimate partner. They have choosen to be exponentially greater than the sum of their parts, and walk side by side as 11.

As Sara and Ty began their lives together, and wanted to bring their businesses together, they chose to continue to operate under the Principle of 11, both in action and in name. This brings us here, a promise to not only walk together in full strength, side by side... but to assist and teach others to do the same. 

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