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Sara Beaudry-Wiltse, MSS, LAT , ATC

I've always been a healer and a caretaker. It took me a long time to transfer those gifts over to myself. I developed a career in sports medicine that has now lasted over twenty years. I've always had a passion for holistic care, focusing on the body, mind, spirit, intellect, and emotional self. 

I'm now working on a PhD in Mind Body Medicine and feel passionate about the work of supporting people in finding their best form of health. I find joy and power in supporting people through their healing journey, as the only person who can really heal is the person who needs the healing. 

My desire to combine my western medicine world with holistic, integrative, energy medicine has been a passion of mine for a very long time. Will you join me on this journey? 

Tyrel Wiltse

I AM a Medicine Man.  Medicine comes in many forms and can be exceedingly complex or ridiculously simple.  Sometimes Medicine looks like herbs and oils blended into a salve, tea, or tincture.  Other times Medicine looks like stones and crystals and time in nature.  Medicine can be tuning into and cultivating the subtle energies within and around us to activate healing and insight.  Medicine can be dialogue and song around a campfire or within a Sanctuary.

Good and True Medicine Heals Completely, Permanently, and Harmonizes with your body’s systems and cycles.  For eons humans lived in harmony with the Earth Mother and were wise Stewards and Conscious Consumers of her bounty.

What’s Your Medicine?  How May I BE Of Service?

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